Name of IDP site:
Bulo Baclay
Date of eviction
January 19th, 2023
Date of establishment
Number of individuals evicted
16 HHs (approximately 96 Individuals, 62 Female and 34 Male). All 16 households are protracted Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).
Description of HHs living in the site
Bulo Baclay IDP is one of the oldest IDP settlements in North Galkacyo. The settlement hosts approximately 1,150 protracted displaced households from Southern Somalia due to conflict. The evicted families had a 10-year formal land tenure agreement from 2009 to 2019. After the agreement ended, communities relied on oral agreements between the landlord and the community leaders.
The evicted families include several vulnerable persons: 17 elderly people, 4 People with Disabilities (2 children, 1 female, and 1 male), 2 persons living with chronic illnesses, 18 children under 5 years, and 12 pregnant and lactating mothers.
Evicting person/institution
Private citizens
Reason for evictions
Contested land ownership resulting in eviction incident.
GPS Coordinates Lat: 6.768955; Long: 47.436734
Due process
Lack of due process with no prior consultations and no adequate notice period issued.
Facilities destroyed
Humanitarian infrastructure
• 6 communal latrines
• 1 Shallow well Communal infrastructure
• 16 makeshift houses
• 1 Qur’anic school
More details on eviction incident
The evicted families used Tuktuks (10 USD) and minibuses (35 USD) to transport their personal belongings, while others carried their belongings on foot due to a lack of income to cater to transportation costs. The eviction incident was due to a conflict between a group of men and the landlord over land ownership. The evicted HHs were paying a monthly rent of 10 USD for each room (makeshift shelter composed of wood, clothing and iron sheets). The group of men used intimidation tactics and informed the residents to vacate the land immediately with no eviction notice issued or prior consultations. The evicted households relocated to another plot of land approximately 150 meters from previous settlement. The affected households will continue to pay 10 USD for one-room per month in rent. The new site is located near a garbage dump and according to field visits, it was noted that some children were already playing in the dump. This exposes them to harmful diseases and has adverse effects on the surrounding environment. Key humanitarian needs include: post-eviction cash assistance; shelter and non-food items; emergency water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services; emergency food security and livelihoods support; health services; provision of legal assistance, including advocacy and identification of alternative land with secure tenure arrangements in place; and protection assistance.
Response so far
No response has been provided so far.

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