On 20th July 2020, Eviction happened at Bulo-Qodah camp after land lords asked IDPs who have been residing the camp for more than decades to move from their land without given enough notice period, HLP sub-cluster chairman send an invitation to HLP sub-cluster members to take part the site visit which was meant to monitor, assess and register the evictees for support. The HLP sub-cluster members composing both UN, national and International NGOs along with Bossaso local municipality conducted rapid assessment for the incident on 21st July 2020 which went for 3 Hours, The team both visited the eviction site ( Bulo Qodah) as well as the relocation land. The assessment team found that there were 2 forced eviction incidents that happened two consecutive days at the same camp on 20th and 21st July, effected 20 households and 23 Household respectively.

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