In January and February 2022, 27,990 individuals were forcefully evicted in Mogadishu. While, another 15,306 individuals in 32 IDP settlements were issued with eviction notices (i.e. between 30 to 35 days). Those affected include 1,222 drought-affected households (7,332 individuals- 26% of total evictees) from Lower Shabelle and Diinsoor. These households did not receive sufficient notice that would have prevented destruction of their shelters and allowed victims to relocate to a new area with dignity. In total, 188 latrines constructed by agencies and the communities and one school were destroyed. Furthermore, such incidents take a massive psychological toll on occupants due to exposure to protection risks such as Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV), violence, coercion, confiscation of legal identity documents, abandonment of schools by children, and homelessness. The main reason cited for the evictions was owner-driven development. A further 26,950 individuals across 57 IDP settlements were prevented from forced evictions after NRC legal team facilitated negotiations between landlords, district authority officials, and community leaders. As a result, the tenure agreements were renewed.

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