A fresh threat of forced eviction issued by private landlords due to dispute over ownership of land that hosts an estimated 1,938 households, or 11,628 individuals was reported. Three-day eviction notice was provided through verbal communication affecting more than 11,628 persons previously displaced from Bay, Bakool and Lower/Middle Shabelle regions and may result loss of huge humanitarian investment at the sites. The Eviction if not prevented will result loss of homes or shelters, livelihood assets, disruption of social support network and negatively impacts available coping strategies. Background: Conflict emerged between two parties who claimed ownership of a piece of land. They both claim to have documents to prove their ownership. The dispute of ownership over the land has been on going in court, and has been a rather lengthy process. The court has listened to both parties and established; i) The first party had a document that was issued during the Siyad Barre regime while the second party had one issued in 2000.The second party also claims to have inherited the land from their forefathers. ii) Both parties agreed that the community living on the land, be moved away and the size of the land be determined if it is aligned to and with the plot size indicated in the documents. NRC field teams have engaged with site leaders and the options available include negotiation and mediation. Initially, the land owners/landlords issued a three-day eviction notice, after a lengthy negotiation between landlords and community leaders as well as NRC’s counselling support, the eviction notice was extended to 45 days starting from April 4, 2021. The negotiation between the landlords and community leaders started and will end after end of Ramadan plus six Waddac days tentatively ending 20 May,2021. Important to note is the fact that Garasbaley authorities have had discussions with the IDP leaders and asked them not to relocate without informing the district authorities. The IDP leaders have also identified alternative land in Igadawage area of Daynille district but have not made a decision on relocation as yet. In the event of a forced eviction, huge humanitarian investments and infrastructure could be destroyed as identified below; Infrastructures effected - 144 Latrines constructed majority by NRC and Save the children and 341 community constructed latrines - 4 school consisting of four classes and active 100 leaning children. - One feeding centre - 5 Quranic schools – with enrolment caseload of 200 children. - 34 small scale businesses mainly operated by IDP them selves Recommendations and next steps - Undertake collective actions and joint advocacy with authorities on the relocation process - Continue engaging with the landlords through district authorities to secure a notice period of two months as provided for under the Somalia Evictions Guideline provisions. - Support IDPs with legal counselling services on identifying new secure site for relocation with access to lease agreement that is legally binding. - In the event of eviction and relocation, emergency resources mobilization in order for IDPs to access safe drinking water, emergency latrines or support, health facilities and schools.  NRC field teams will provide information on the impending eviction notice and inform all the IDPs at the site.

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