Galbedka, Wariri and Danwadag camps. Dan-wadag Camp leader Name - Fatumo Dahir Mohamed 0617374548, Wariri Camp Leader Name - Deko sheikh Hassan 615117095: On 11th-July-2020 Danwadag Camp which is under Galbedka IDPs site in Kismayo has faced eviction. In this camp a total 55 H/H families were affected in this eviction and they are all vulnerable IDPs. They have been in this camp for the last five years up-to date in order to ease their vulnerability and receive the limited service/protection from the humanitarian organization and government. In the last 4 Months the camp has been facing eviction notice which led lastly entire to be evicted and their shelters started demolishing their shelters. These families, they had un-formal agreement with the land owner and this was five years’ agreement which ended February 2020. They got another private land in Galbeda IDPs and they are now migrating to the new land. Same like Camp Wariri were also partially evicted since the land owner also demanded his land since He wants to develop and construct his land. In Camp Wariri 23 Households were affected and they also want to joint and look space from the other part of the camp which has not been affected. ACTED/SADO C.C.C.M staff visited the affected population and collected eviction updates from the camp in order to be done advocacy and support to these families from government and humanitarian partners.These families need immediate attention and support in terms of protection and Service. Recommended immediate assistance is latrines construction, NFI/Hygiene kits, Eviction Packages and any other humanitarian support.

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