In June 2022, total of 35 IDP settlements with a population of 2,913 households (approximately 17,478 individuals) were forcibly evicted. In total, 283 latrines constructed by agencies and the communities and five Quranic schools were destroyed. Forced eviction victims include more than 1,901 newly drought displaced families (approximately 11,406 individuals) from Lower Shebelle and Dinsoor. The increasing value of land due to increased commercial and development investments (e.g development of road infrastructure in and around the Mogadishu) has led to an increase in evictions due to owner driven development.

At the same time, another 10 IDP settlements which hosts more than 1,582 households (of approximately 9,492 individuals) were issued with eviction notices between 7-20 days. The sites include: Qoryoley, Borwaqo, Xirsi-Rug, Tonole, Allaweyn, Barxadweyne, Xushmo, Danyar, Bashaash, and Bahwaaley Dooraweere in Kaxda, Garasbalay and Daynile districts.

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