The IDP settlements were established in 2015. Majority of the IDPs were displaced by drought and conflict, and mostly displaced from Lower/Middle Shabelle and Bay regions. Majority of the households were previously evicted from other areas in BRA. An estimated 279 households (93 male and 186 female) with approximately 1,674 individuals were evicted. Of the total, 120 are newly drought-displaced families.

The families were mainly evicted due to owner-driven development. The landowner provided a 15-day notice. Attempts made by the IDP committee to negotiate for more time beyond the 15 days to vacate were unsuccessful. During the eviction, there was destruction of 11 latrines constructed by humanitarian organizations.

The evicted households have not received any humanitarian support so far. Families have relocated to another site known as Baidoa Yarey near Shabelle University km12.The site is hosted on privately owned land and the families remain at risk of forced evictions. NRC is engaging the local authority to secure land tenure for the affected families. The most vulnerable individuals include the elderly, pregnant, and lactating mothers. Families are living in dilapidated shelters putting women and children at risk of protection violations due to the lack of physical protection. Needs include: Post-eviction cash assistance; Shelter and Non-Food Items; Emergency Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services; Emergency Food Security and Livelihoods support; Legal Assistance including counselling and referral services; Protection assistance; and Access to alternative land with secure tenure.

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