Number of Districts reporting eviction risk in 7 Regions across Somalia.

Eviction risk severity is classified into four categories: extreme, high, medium, and low.
Each of these risk levels are determined by the set of pre-defined criteria as indicated below.


Agreement already expired; eviction planned – date is fixed, eviction threat issued – date is open


No Agreement; monthly open-ended; expiring in <1yr - renewal rejected


Expiring in <1yr - renewal pending; expiring in ≥1yr - renewal pending; public land authorized occupancy


Short-term lease: ≥2<5yrs; long-term lease >5yrs; permanent tenure agreement



No Data
Low Risk
Medium Risk
High Risk
Extreme Risk


District Risk Level
Abdiaziz High Risk
Baydhabo Low Risk
Boondheere High Risk
Bosaaso High Risk
Burao Extreme Risk
Dayniile Low Risk
Dharkenley High Risk
Eaberi High Risk
Eadajir High Risk
Eardhiigley High Risk
Gaalkacayo Low Risk
Garasbaaley Low Risk
Garoowe High Risk
Goldogob Medium Risk
Hamar-Eeyne High Risk
Hamar-Jajab High Risk
Hargeysa Medium Risk
HeliEaa High Risk
Hodan High Risk
HoElEadaag High Risk
Karaan High Risk
Kaxda Low Risk
Mogadisho High Risk
Shangaani High Risk
Shibis High Risk
Yaaqshiid High Risk


Settlement Risk Level
11-Janaay-1 Low
11-Janaay-2 Medium
15 May Extreme
18 May Medium
26/06/2019 High
9 Mundul Low
?iiban2 Low
Aasha Gabo 1 Low
Abag Haluul Medium
Abal-1 Low
Abal-3 Medium
Abal-4 Medium
Abal-5 Low
Abaq Beday Low
Abdirabi Low
Abdirahman Hassan High
Aboore Low
Abow Doyow Medium
Abow-A Medium
Abow-B Extreme
Absame A Extreme
Absame B Extreme
Adaad Dhooble High
Adan saleban High
Adan Yare Medium
Adan-Yare Low
Adc Kulan Yare Low
Adc-1 Low
Adc-2 Low
Adc-2 Towfiiq Medium
Adc-3 Low
Adc-4 Low
Adc-5 Medium
Adegow Garaar Low
Adii Garaar Medium
Aduuley High
Afgooye High
Afmadoow Medium
Afmadow Medium
Afuug Miirow Medium
Ajuran High
Ajuuraan A Medium
Ajuuraan B High
Al ,aamiin1 Low
Al Faraj - D Low
Al Faraj - G Low
Al Hidaya Low
Al Jurus High
Al khayre Medium
Al Muhiim - D Low
Al Muhiim - G Low
Al Mustaqim High
Al Naciim High
Al Nasri Low
Al Rahma - D Low
Al Rahma - K High
Al Raxma High
Al raxmaan High
Al- naim Low
Al-Baraka Medium
Al-Baraka 2 Low
Al-Furqan Medium
Al-Furqan-2 Low
Al-Furqan-3 Low
Al-Jiziira Medium
Al-kowther Low
Al-Najuum Low
Al-nuur Low
Al-raxmaan Low
Al-uun High
Ala Suge Low
Ala Suge - Y Low
Ala Weyn Low
Ala-Aamin 2 Low
Alaamin Low
Alafutow Extreme
Alfurqan High
Ali husien Low
Ali Muhiim Low
Ali Yaasiin Low
Aliyow Keerow High
Aliyow Marayle Medium
Alkhayrat High
Alkheyral Hudaa Low
Alkowzar Low
Alla weyn Low
Alla aamin Low
Alla aamin - G Low
Alla aamin A Medium
Alla aamin B Low
Alla Amim High
Alla Amin High
Alla Amin High
Alla Amin Indhooliyasha Medium
Alla dhowr Medium
Alla Magan Low
Alla Magan Low
Alla Magan - A High
Alla Magan 2 High
Alla Suge High
Alla suge - G Extreme
Alla Suge - H High
Alla suge - K High
Alla Suge 2 High
Alla Suge-1 Low
Alla Suge-2 Low
Alla Tuug Low
Alla Wakiil High
Alla-aamin Low
Alla-Amin Low
Allah magan Extreme
Allah Umaqan Extreme
Allaha Saqiro Low
AllaMagan1 High
Alle Qabe Low
Alle Qarash Medium
Alnaciim Low
Alnasiib Low
Alnuur High
Alofi Low
Alofutow Low
Alow sahal High
Alqeeyraat High
Alrahma IDP Camp High
Alrahman Low
Altaqwa High
Alwadan High
Alx-raxmaan Low
Alxaaq High
Amal IDP Camp High
Amen sabren Low
Amin Robow Low
Anacim High
Anfac Low
Anim High
Anole Low
Ansal Extreme
Aqab dheer High
Aqilyare Extreme
Arafaad Low
Aretii High
Arjac Low
Arsham Extreme
Aruurisow Low
Asha Ki Dhali Low
Asharow Jawari Low
Aw Guure High
Awal Barwaqo Low
Awal Qaasim Low
Awbaale Low
Awdheegle Extreme
Awguure High
Awo Asharo-1 Low
Awo Asharo-2 Low
Awo aweyska Extreme
Awoodimow Low
Awsiine Extreme
Axdi alle Low
Ay Buuteey High
Ayaan High
Ayah 1 Low
Ayah 2 Low
Ayah 3 Medium
Ayah 4 Low
Ayan Extreme
Aykiilaban Low
Ayuub Extreme
Baalade High
Baandooy Low
Baantu2 Medium
Baaqay Low
Baar xaraf Low
Baardheere Low
Baarow Low
Baaruud Xaanshi Medium
Baay iyo Bakool High
Badan wane High
Badanbadey Low
Badarjadiid Low
Badbaado Low
Badbaado - A High
Badbaado - B High
Badbaado - C High
Badbaado - D High
Badbaado soos High
Badbacada Umada High
Badduu Low
Bakad High
Bakal Gaduud Medium
Bakalasheeg Low
Bakaley Low
Bakar Wiin Extreme
Bakar Yare Low
Bakharka High
Bakool High
bakool sare Low
Bakool-1 Medium
Balabale Medium
Balade -55aad Extreme
Baladuraxma Low
Balafleey High
Balan Balis Extreme
Balanbaalis Low
Balanbale Low
Balanbasha Low
Bali Cadaad Low
Balimataan Medium
Balsar Extreme
Ban Ade Low
Ban faraashe High
Ban Ideed Extreme
Ban Sadiiq Low
Banaadir Medium
Banaaney Low
Banadir High
Banadir Medium
Banadir B High
Banan jif Extreme
Banbusul Medium
Bandar Jadiid Low
Bandiir A High
Bandooy Low
Banjinay Low
Banow Low
Banyal High
Baqaley Riibe Medium
Baraka-alle High
Barakaley Low
Barariye Low
Barbaaroow Medium
Bardaale High
Bardhere Medium
Barhanooy Low
Bari Koonfur Galbed Low
Bariga Bosaso Low
Barire - A Low
Barire - B Low
Barkadle Low
Barkulan Medium
Barowdiinle Extreme
Barwaaqo Low
Barwaaqo - Hw High
Barwaaqo - G Low
Barwaaqo - HJ High
Barwaaqo - K High
Barwaaqo - Sh Extreme
Barwaaqo -Gy Low
Barwaqo Low
Barwaqo Low
Barwaqo 2 High
Barxad weyne Low
Baryo samo Low
Bas Maleh Low
Basro - G Low
Basro - Kx Low
Baxsan 2 Low
Bay iy obakool Medium
Bay Iyo Bakool Low
Bayakulule -A Camp High
Beder center Low
Beedan camp High
Beer Dhinbil 2 High
Beer Dhinbil 3 Low
Beer Gadiid Extreme
Beere Low
Beerlula Low
Beladul Amin 2 Low
Beladul Amin 3 Low
Berdale Ayle Medium
Beyl High
Beyra Low
Biib iskoolo High
Bil Khayr Low
Bilan 2 High
Bilan Busul Medium
Bilan Goof Yarow Medium
Bilin Abeese 1 Medium
Bilkhaire Low
Billan II High
Bilqeyr Low
Birale Bay High
Birjeeh Extreme
Bisigcede Low
Bismillah Low
Biyo cade Low
Biyo kulule B High
Biyole Extreme
Biyoley Medium
Biyooley 1 Medium
Bodaan-1 Low
Bodaan-2 Low
Bohol Galanjo Low
Bohul Low
Bololaw Extreme
Booli moog Low
Boorami Lawiile Low
Boqol buush Extreme
Boqol iyo barwaaqo Low
Boqolsoon Low
Borame Medium
Botis Buulo Gaduud High
Budbud Low
Bukaar Low
Bula Hawa Medium
Bula Sokor Medium
Buli Fuur Ooflow Low
Bulo Ciir High
Bulo elay A High
Bulo Gomor 1 Low
Bulo Jawan Xarxar Low
Bulo qodax Extreme
Buloow High
Bulsho Extreme
Bulsho - Sh High
Bulsho Bile Low
Bulsho kaab High
Bulsho weyn Low
Bunda High
Buraale High
Burey Manas Low
Burfule Medium
Burhaan Low
Burlibaax Low
Buruuj Low
Busta Medium
Buu Bishaaro High
Buula Aamin Medium
Buula Berde Low
Buula Busley Medium
Buula eelay B High
Buula Fulay Low
Buula Issack Low
Buula Mareer High
Buula Nuuri-1 High
Buula Usley-1 Low
Buula Usley-2 Low
Buula Usley-3 Low
Buulahashi High
Buulajawaan1 Low
Buule Fuur Low
Buuli Gaabow Low
Buulo agoon High
Buulo Bacaad High
Buulo Barake High
Buulo bidaaar Low
Buulo ciir High
Buulo Ciir Low
Buulo Duuf Low
Buulo falaay Low
Buulo Fulaay 2 Low
Buulo Garas High
Buulo Gumar-2 Low
Buulo Jaan High
Buulo jadiid High
Buulo Jadiid Low
Buulo koontarool High
Buulo Kuusow Low
Buulo mareer High
Buulo mingis A High
Buulo mingis B Extreme
Buulo Nooto 1 Medium
Buulo Nuuri-2 Medium
Buulo qaliif High
Buulo qaran High
Buulo sh Low
Buulo Sheeb-1 Low
Buulo Sheeb-2 Low
Buulo warbo Medium
Buulo xaashi High
Buulo-ciir High
Buuqlaawe Low
Buur Adoy Medium
Buur Edoy Low
Buur Eyla Low
Buur Eyle High
Buur fuule High
Buur Fuule 1 Medium
Buur Fuule 2 Low
Buur Gaabey Low
Buur Gaduud Low
Buur Hakaba High
Buur Helade Low
Buur Heybe Low
Buur Iyo Shabelow Low
Buurfuule Shibelow Low
Buurhakaba High
Buuro falaay Low
Caano-maceeye Low
Caanoole Low
Caashoqow High
Caawinta walaalaha Low
Cabanaane High
Cabdi hunguri High
Cadawe Nogol Low
Cadcadeey High
Calaf center Low
Calanlay Medium
Cam/mudug Medium
Camp1 High
Camp4 High
Cano Macey Low
Carafaad High
Carwada High
Cashaqow Low
Ceeblaawe Low
Ceel Cilaan Medium
Ceel garas High
Ceel Geedow Medium
Ceel Hareeri High
Ceel Qareer Medium
Ceel Shiif Low
Ceel Xaji High
Ceelafweyn High
Ceeldheere Low
Ceelgaab Low
Ceelgaab2 High
Ceesow Extreme
Celcade High
Cideed Gari High
Ciifoole Low
Ciil-tire Low
Cilmar Extreme
Ciltire High
Cir kayeer Low
Cosob Low
Cubeydi High
Curmo High
Da'Udow Low
Daacad Extreme
Daami B High
Daarasalam Medium
Daaroow Low
Daaru salaam High
Daarusalam Low
Daawada High
Dabolow High
Dabolow 1 Low
Dabolow 2 Extreme
Dagan-Bille Extreme
Dahaale Medium
Dakana Diid-1 Medium
Dakir Extreme
Dalada macalin nuur High
Daladagaas Medium
Daladda baladul amiin Low
Dalandole-2 Medium
Dalandole-3 High
Dalandole-4 Extreme
Daldaley Medium
Daleeley Medium
Dalsan Extreme
Dalsan IDPS camp High
Dambal Caalam High
Dan iyo daacad Low
Dan iyo daruf Extreme
Dan kulan Extreme
Dan shacab Extreme
Danbaley Medium
Dangud Extreme
Daniga Extreme
Daniya Low
Danshacab Extreme
Danwadaag Low
Danwadaag High
Danwadaag Low
Danyar High
Danyar - Wb High
Dar Alle Low
Dar Alle -Kx Low
Daris uroon Low
Daru xikmo Low
Darul salaam Low
Darulshamsi Extreme
Darulxikma Low
Darusaalam 1 High
Darusalam Low
Daruur Low
Daryeel Medium
Daryeel Low
Daryeel Low
Daryeel - Dy Extreme
Daryeel - Sh High
Daryeel Bulsho Low
Daryeel Showka Medium
Dawada High
Dayah Low
Dayax Low
Dayax IDP Camp High
Daymay High
Deeb Wiine Low
Deegaan High
Deegaan beeleed Low
Deek Extreme
Deeq Alle Low
Deeq doon Extreme
Deeq Rabbi High
Deeq Rabi 2 High
Deeqsan Low
Deg Barwaaqo Low
Degdacar Low
Deq rabbi High
Dhafaruur High
Dhagaxbuur High
Dhahaxtur camp High
Dharkeyn High
Dhay Dhay Medium
Dhayal Medium
Dheeman Low
Dhege gurow Extreme
Dhiblaawe center Low
Dhinaawe Medium
Dhur Iyo Qalin Low
Dhurey Kalkal Medium
Digaale Medium
Diigsooy Extreme
Diiinsoor Low
Dini Iyo Doon High
Docoleey High
Dogle center Low
Dogobleey Low
Dolow 1 Medium
Dolow-2 Low
Donburaale Extreme
Dooday Low
Doodey Low
Doogle Low
Doomareer Low
Doon Yarow High
Doori Mari High
Doori Weeri High
Doormari-2 Low
Doowta Malabley High
Dooy Low
Dooy Gaab 1 Low
Dooy Gaab 2 Medium
Dooy mareer Low
Doxa Low
Dubi Gas Low
Ducaale Low
Ducale center Low
Duceysane Low
Duceysane Medium
Duco Low
Duduma Kale Low
Dugaal Low
Dugsiilo-2 Low
Dugsiilow High
Dugsilow Low
Duljeex Low
Dulmane Low
Dulmediid Low
Dulqaad High
Durdur Low
Durey Medium
Dusti Low
Duur jiif Low
Duureey High
Duurey IDps cam High
Eda'In Extreme
Edkiyaal Low
Eesow Low
Eesow 2 Medium
El Bay 1 Low
El Heji Medium
El Jale Medium
Elbashiir Low
Elbay-2 Low
Elbay-3 Medium
Elbet-1 Medium
Elbet-2 Low
Elgaras Medium
Elman High
Erimow High
Ex boosto High
Ex jiira Maskin High
Ex school taleex High
Ex uk High
Eyle Low
Faanoole High
Faanoole 2 Medium
Faanoole IDP Camp High
Fadhi Low
Falay Centet High
Fanoole Low
Faraale Low
Farbuur Medium
Fariy High
Farjano High
Farjano Low
Farsooleey Low
Farxaane Low
Fath Extreme
Fathu-Rahman Medium
Fatxu Rahman Low
Feyuus Low
Fifty four High
Fiiloow High
Fiiq High
Fulaay Center High
G/m libaan Medium
G/m Qoraxey two Medium
Gaanfalax High
Gaarisane-2 Low
Gaashamo Low
Gaashan Low
Gaawiroow High
Gaaywarow Low
Gabweyne High
Gadaan High
Gadiidka Low
Gaduude Dhunti Medium
Gal xagar High
Galad Medium
Galad Extreme
Galeyr Low
Galgal Onle-2 Medium
Galgal Weyn Low
Galin Soor Low
Galmudug High
Galooshe Low
Galow Gab Low
Galuul Sarmaan Medium
Gambar IDps cam High
Gambole High
Gandaaw High
Garas Goof Low
Garasbaleey Waadxa Afarad Extreme
Garbadheere Low
Gardiile 1 Low
Gardiile 2 Medium
Gareero Fuur 1 High
Gargaar Medium
Gargaar Low
Gargar Low
Garisa High
Garsheemo High
Gashan Low
Geeda Cad High
Geedlaay Low
Geedoole Low
Geele High
Geet weyn High
Gili Low
Girible High
GM ciise High
Gobanle Medium
Goleeey High
Goleey IDP Camp High
Goob Roon Medium
Goof Gaduud Burey High
Goof Galool Low
Goof Marer Low
Goomir Low
Goorisane Weyn Low
Goorisane-1 High
Goosate Low
Gorgor Low
Gowte Low
Greer Fuur Ween High
Gumeysi Diid Low
Gunka gaduudey IDps cam High
Gurmad Extreme
Gurya samo Low
Guryasamo Medium
Guudka Medium
Guuleed Low
Guulo bishaaro High
Guulow Eyle Low
Ha istaagin Extreme
Hadii la Yaabo Yaasiinka Medium
Haduuman Low
Hafata Low
Hafata -3 Medium
Hagarka Mada Gari Low
Hagrow Medium
Haji cade Low
Hakaba Low
Halabay Medium
Halabookhad Low
Halgan Extreme
Halgan - Adz High
Halimey Medium
Haluul Iyo Hargan Low
Hamdi Extreme
Hamiin Guurya Medium
Hanad Iyo Nolol Extreme
Hanano 1 Medium
Hanano 2 Low
Hanano 3 Low
Hantiwadaag Low
Haraaye camp High
Haran Mandhere High
Haredley Low
Hareera Jiife Medium
Hareerileey High
Harkaha iyo Saamaha High
Harqaboobe Low
Harqaboobe - Kx Medium
Harqan Extreme
Harubka Hirow Medium
Haruubka-1 Extreme
Hassan Muunin Low
Hawarwanood High
Hayaan Medium
Hidig Low
Hiigsi High
Hiiraan2 High
Hiiraan3 High
Hiiran Low
Hiisool High
Hilaac High
Hilaac 1 Low
Hilaac 2 Medium
Hilaac wanaag Low
Hilaal High
Hilaal yaman Low
hilaal yamen Low
Himilo Extreme
Hinshiroole High
Hiraan1 Low
Hiran High
Hirdoogle Low
Hiyaado Weyn Medium
Hiyaado Weyn-2 Low
Hiyado Yarey Low
Hodon Extreme
Hodon - Kx Low
Hogal Low
Hogor Iyo Mandhow Low
Homow Bay Low
Hoobisoole Low
Hoos hingow High
Hoosow High
Hormari High
Horsed - Kr High
Horseed - G Low
Horseed - K High
Horseed-1 Extreme
Hotel taleex High
Howlaha Guud Berdaale Medium
Howlaha Maraakiibta High
Hubur High
Ibnu Kaaf High
Idaale Janaay Medium
Idaale-1 Low
Idale Weyn Low
Ideeda Ii Awdheeraw Low
Idin Alle Low
Idinti Medium
Ifo Bay-1 Low
Ifo Bay-2 Low
Iftin High
Iftin - Sh High
iftin dheere Low
Iidaale jowhar High
Iidaaley High
Iil Gudow Low
Iimaan High
Iiman Low
Ijaabo Low
Ijabo Low
Ilays Medium
Imillow 1 Medium
Inaa Fatax Low
Indholayasha camp High
Inji High
Inji 3 High
Iri Roog Medium
Iri Roog Win Medium
Isbadal High
Isbiimo High
Isbile High
Isdhowrta Extreme
Isha Beydhabo Low
iskaashi Low
Iskaashi 2 High
Iskaashi new Low
Iskach Low
Iskari Low
Iskari-2 Low
Isku Talo Extreme
Isma hurto Low
Ismuhurto Low
Israac Low
Istanbul Medium
Jabeey High
Jameco mubarag Extreme
Jameeco misra wayn High
Janaale High
Janale Extreme
Janale camp High
Janeral Daud High
Jawaari Extreme
Jawari Low
Jeebeey Low
Jeelow Low
Jeete High
Jiidow Low
Jiidow Bakool Medium
Jiinaay Burukle Low
Jiira Mad Sheikh Medium
Jiiro maskiin High
Jilab 2 Low
Jilab1 Low
Jimcale Low
Jinaaw Low
Jinay-3 Low
Jingadaha High
Jobane ansaloti High
Jobo1 High
Juba Low
Jubada Dhaxe Medium
Jubada Dhexe 2 Low
Jubba Low
Jubo2 High
Juurow Low
K/gurmad Medium
K/m xanaano Medium
Kaafi Low
Kaah Low
Kaalamey Medium
Kaalamey 2 Medium
Kaalkaal Medium
Kaam al cadaala Low
Kaam baantuu Medium
Kaam badbaado High
Kaam biri High
Kaam ciise High
Kaam Eyle High
Kaam hiiraan 4 High
Kaam isxaaq Low
Kaam janaale High
Kaam mahadaay Medium
Kaam soomali wayn High
Kaamil Low
Kaamir Low
Kaine Medium
Kalama Shirto Low
Kalamaan Low
Kalamashowrto Low
Kaleelow High
Kalkaal Low
Kalow Medium
Kanaanax High
Kasa Italy High
Kawaan bari High
Kaxandho High
Keerow Malaagdi Low
Keerow Margan 2 Low
Kerow Margan Medium
Kheyrsuge1 High
Kidhikooy Low
Kifaax Low
Kismaayo Low
Km sahan Medium
Koban Dheere Medium
Koban Dheere-2 Medium
Kobra Extreme
Kofi dhere High
Kooraar Medium
Koosaar Low
Kordamac Extreme
Kordamac - Dy Low
Koris Low
Kormari Low
Kormari-2 Low
Korsan center High
Kulan Low
Kulan Extreme
Kulmis 1 High
Kulmis 2 Low
Kulmis 3 Low
Kulmiye High
Kulmiye Low
Kulmiye Kabey Low
Kulmiye1 Medium
Kundeeq Low
Kunfulis Low
Kuntuwaarey Low
Kunyaasiin Extreme
Kurji High
Kurteely Low
Kurtun High
Labawarood 1 Medium
Lafa barkato High
Lafole High
Lafweyne IDP Camp High
Lanta hawada High
Lasqori Extreme
Lawiiley Medium
Layaaba yaasiin Low
Liibaan Low
Liibaan-1 High
liibaan1 Low
Liibaanta shabeele Medium
Liibanta qoryoley 3 Extreme
Loojar Wiine Medium
Loojele Low
Lowa Garore Medium
Lowi Iskirogow 1 Low
Lug ganane Low
Luuqa jelow Low
Maakow Low
Maandeeq Low
Maandeeq - G Low
Maandeeq -Kx Low
Maanya murug Low
Mabarak Low
Macalimeey Low
Macalin nuur High
Macaney Low
Macaruf Extreme
Macaruf - Dy Extreme
Maciin Alle Low
Maclin dacwo Low
Madaraan Degeen High
Madhata Medium
Madhayta Low
madiino Low
Mahad ale Low
Mahad Alle-1 Low
Mahad Alle-2 Low
Maka Dhagoole-1 Low
Maka Dhagoole-2 Low
Mako Iyo Madiino Low
Makoon Medium
Malabka shinada High
Malabley Medium
Malawle Medium
Malel High
Manaahijta High
Manaas High
Maqdas Low
Maqsuud Low
Marayla1 Low
Mariino one High
Mariino two High
Marka High
Markaawi High
Martiini High
Marwo Extreme
Marxaba Low
Masha alaah Low
Mashallah Low
Maslah 2 Low
Matalimiin Low
May kaareebay Low
Maymuuna Low
Mayqoonsiti Medium
Megagle Low
Midnimo Low
Midnimo Low
Midnimo - Gr Low
midnimo -Dy Low
Min Afaafle 2 Medium
Min Afaafle-1 High
Mirifle Low
Misajid hindi High
Misnagata Low
Misyooni High
Mitaano Ween Medium
Miyale Extreme
Mogar Arow Low
Mogor Iyo Mayow-1 High
Mogor Iyo Mayow-2 Low
Mohamed Ahmed wedow Low
Mohamed Mooge A Extreme
Mohamed Mooge B Extreme
Mohamed Mooge C Medium
Moora Gabey Medium
Moori Gowaan Medium
Mowkubow Low
Mubarak Medium
Mubark Yarey Low
Mubark-2 Medium
Mudug sare Low
Mukey dumis Low
Mursal High
Musbaax Extreme
Mussa Rotile High
Mustaqbal2B Low
Mustaqiim Low
Muuri High
Naasahablod A Extreme
Naasahablod B Extreme
Naasahablod C Medium
Naciim 1 camp High
Naciimo Low
NaciimX1 IDP Camp High
Nafis High
Naharis Medium
Najax Low
Nanad Iyo nolol Extreme
Naruuro Extreme
Nasib Medium
Nasib badan Medium
Nasiib Medium
Nasiib 3 Low
Nasiib barwaaqo Low
Nasiib two Low
Nasiib wanaag Low
Nasiiib Low
Nasrulaah Low
Nasrulaahi Extreme
Nasrulahi Extreme
Nasrullahi center High
Nasteex High
Nasteexo Low
Nawaal Low
Nayruus 2 High
Neebsoy Medium
Neeto High
New biyokulule High
New center Low
new doonyaale Low
New iskaashi Low
New Shabeele Camp Medium
Nimcatu Rabi Low
Number Lixdan High
NUUR geedi High
Nuurjeex High
Octobar Extreme
Omane Low
Omega High
Onkod High
Onot High
Oodweyne High
Ooflaaw High
Ooliyo Extreme
Oridaan Medium
Oromo High
Oromo - Kr High
Osbole Low
Qaahira Low
Qaayib Low
Qabobe - D Low
Qaboobe Low
Qaboobe - G High
Qabuuraha talyaaniga High
Qalax Low
Qamarey Low
Qanciye - G Low
Qanciye - K Low
Qansaxdheere Medium
Qarimey Extreme
Qasab 1 Low
Qasab 2 Medium
Qeeroow High
Qeryal bacid Extreme
Qod Qode Low
Qoobdooro camp High
Qoraxey Medium
Qoraxey High
Qoryooleey High
Quracle Medium
Quracleweyn Low
Qureesh Low
Raam Low
Raama Cadey Medium
Raasbarwaqo Low
Raaso Low
Rabdhuure Extreme
Rabi Sali Medium
Rabi suge - G Low
Rabi suge roob da'ay High
Rabisuge Low
Rabiyasir Low
Raf igo raaxoo Extreme
Raho Center High
Rajawanag 2 Low
Rajo High
Rajo suge Low
Rajo wanag 1 Low
Ramaas Low
Ramadaan 1 Low
Ramadaan 2 Low
Rashiid Low
Raxmadrabi Medium
Raydabo Low
Raysqaboobe Low
Reer Miyi High
Rees barwaaqo High
Reydab Kuuley High
Reydab Qandhole Low
Reydabale Low
Rihan kam Extreme
Riiga High
Riikoy Low
Robow Feyla High
Roboy Gaduuda Low
Rojo Low
Roob Da'Ay Low
Roobow Low
Runta IDP Camp High
Ruuxaanta Low
Saacid Low
Saaqo 4 High
Sabiib Low
Sabmakaab Low
Sabriye - D Low
Sabriye - G Low
Sacid Extreme
Safaarada sacuudiga High
Safar Nooley Medium
Safar noley Low
Safarada Faransiiska High
Safi Centre Low
Safiino High
Sagaaroole High
Sagal ciid Low
Sagalciid High
Sagam Low
Sahal Medium
Sahal - Dy Low
Sahal - Kx Extreme
Sahan Low
Sahan hooyo Extreme
Sairmaqabe Medium
Salaama1 Low
Salamey -1 High
Salamey -2 Low
Salamey Idaale Low
salamo 2 Low
Salbarwaqo Extreme
Sallahlay Medium
Sama wade Low
Samadon High
Saman Extreme
Samawade Low
Samawade Low
Same jecel High
Samir iyo imaan Extreme
Samman Medium
Samo Deeq Low
Samokaab Low
Sanlaawe Low
Sariire High
Sarmaan Low
Sarman Dheer Low
Sarman Jeel Low
Sarman Weyn Low
Sarman-2 Low
Sarsuur Alle Low
Saxansaxo Low
Saydheelow Medium
Sayidka High
Saylac Extreme
Sebiyaano High
Sedax Buurod 2 Medium
Sedax Buurow Low
Seydheylow Low
Seylada Camp High
Shaangare Low
Shabeele -B- Camp High
Shabeele IDP Camp High
Shabeelow Low
Shabeelow Bay Low
Shabelle High
Shabelle High
Shabelle - Kr High
Shabelle A Medium
Shalaq dher Extreme
Shantamandil High
Shariff Gacamey Low
Shegoow Low
Sheikh aweys High
Sheikh Xasan Barsane High
Shidaalka High
Shii lalow Extreme
Shiimo Tiyeglow Low
Shimbiraale High
Shirkow High
Shirwac Low
Shugri Extreme
Shuute High
Siidam High
Siigadheere-1 Low
Siigadheere-2 Low
Siinay Low
Siituu High
Siliga High
Sirma qabe Low
Sirmaqabe High
Socdaal Medium
Socdaal Low
Socdaal 1 High
Socdaal 2 High
Socdaal 3 High
Socdaal 4 High
Somali weyn High
Sooraan High
sowdo Low
Sowtu rahma Low
Stadium High
Star Low
Statehouse Extreme
Sucuudi 2 Extreme
Suge Iyo Sinalow Low
Sugule High
Sulfakar High
Suruqle Low
Suufi Low
Suur Weyn Low
Suwayto Extreme
Taakulo - D Low
Taakulo - G Extreme
Taakulo - Y Low
Tabarak Low
Tabaruc Low
Tagal Low
Tahliil Medium
Tahriib Diid Low
Tala khayr Low
Talacad Low
Talo ken Extreme
Talo rabi Extreme
Talowadag - D Low
Talowadag - G Low
Tanaad Low
Taqwo Extreme
Tawagal Medium
Tawakal Extreme
tawakal Low
Tawakal High
Tawakal - A High
Tawakal - D High
Tawakal - H High
Tawakal - W High
Tawakal 1 Low
Tawakal 1 - K High
Tawakal 2 - K High
Tawakal 2 Diinsoor Medium
Tawakal 3 Diinsoor High
Tawakal Adc Low
Tawakal Gurbaan Low
Tawakal Misir Medium
Tawakal-2 Low
Tawfiiq-1 Medium
Tawfiiq-2 Medium
Tawsi Kaar Low
Tayo Low
Tifow Low
Tigow High
Timir High
Tintinley High
Tiyeglow Extreme
Tobanka Buush Extreme
Togdheer High
Toratorow Low
Towfiiq - A High
Towfiiq - HJ High
Towfiq - D Low
Towfiq - G High
Towfiq - H High
Towfiq - K Low
Towhiid Low
Towxid Extreme
Tubaney Medium
Tugeerhoos Medium
Tuurjaale High
Ufurow High
Ugbaad Low
Uunkaa Made Low
Vila Wajid High
Wa naagsan Low
Waafi Low
Waalow Extreme
Waami Abaawli Medium
Waamo High
Waaqow 1 High
Waaqow 2 High
Waaxda 2 Aad - G Low
Waaxda koowaad General Liqliqato Extreme
Waaxda2 Low
Waaya arag Low
Wabari-1 Medium
Waberi High
Waberi 2 Medium
Wadaag Low
Wadajir - D Low
Wadajir - G Extreme
Wadajir - K High
Wadajir -6 Janaay Medium
Wadajir 1 High
Wadajir Takoy Low
Wadajir-2 Low
Wadajir-3 Extreme
Wadajir-4 Low
Wajeer Medium
Walaalaha - K Low
Walalaha - D Low
Walalal macaan - G Low
Walalal macaan - K Low
Walaq-1 Medium
Walaq-2 Low
Walaq-3 Low
Wali wayn High
Waliyow Cadde 1 High
Waliyow Cadde 2 High
Wanaagsan Low
Waney Medium
War Garasle High
War Harqaan Medium
War Isagow Low
War Yaroy High
Waranle High
Warcasho Extreme
Wardeer High
Wardheer Extreme
Wargaduudo Low
Wargaras Mosh Low
Wariiri High
Wariishi Low
Warjinay Medium
Warlowi Medium
Warsamaale Low
Warsan High
warshad galay 2 Low
Warshadgaleey High
Waryaroy Medium
Wasiile-2 Medium
Wasiilo 1 Low
Waxda 2 Aas Low
Waya arag Low
Wayo arag Low
Wedey Rahma-1 Low
Weel Galool High
Weel Koban Medium
Weysay Medium
Widay Rahman-2 Medium
Xaaji guusow Low
Xabkoole High
Xafatul Arab camp Extreme
Xamdi Low
Xamdi xiis Low
Xaq dhowr - D Low
Xaq dhowr - K Low
Xaqdhor Low
Xareed Extreme
Xawaalbarbaar High
Xayir Medium
Xeebyarey High
Xero gaas High
Xidig Extreme
Xingaduud Low
Xoriyo 1 Extreme
Xoriyo 2 Extreme
Xoriyo 3 Extreme
Xosna High
Xuriyo one High
Xurmooley Low
Ya Iyow Koyow Medium
Ya-Fatah Medium
Yaaqle Low
Yaasimiin Extreme
Yakuman Extreme
Yaman Medium
Yaman Basatiin Medium
Yaqda-3 Medium
Yaqda-3.2 Medium
Yarabi Low
Yasir Alla Low
Yemen High
Yemen Basatin 1 Low
Yoo Kooyow High
Yurkud High
Zabiid Low